2023 Best Summer Movies For Families

2023 Best Summer Movies For Families

As the summer season is approaching, so is the summer vacation. During the summer vacation, folks have the best Memories along with their families spending some quality time. If you are looking to spend some great quality time with your family and create some great memories doing activities that both you and your family enjoy, then one of the best ways is to watch Telugu movies. Watching Telugu movies along with your family is never a dull event for any family.

Every family enjoys watching their special movie time together. This is also one of the best ways to Bond and connects with your family while doing something that you all enjoy. Some of the best Summertime movies to watch along with your family are love story, nenumekubagakavalsinavadine, and chor bazaar. Your entire family is going to enjoy and cherish watching all these movies together.

You can find all of these movies on the popular streaming platform Aha. Along with that, you can also look through the movies that are being featured on the Aha platform. Make your summer vacation extra special by watching all of these movies along with your family.

  • The plot of love story

The director of this great movie is none other than SekharKammula. The famous Tollywood stars working in this movie are Naga ChaitanyaAkkineni, SaiPallavi, Rajeev Kanakala, EaswariRao, and Devayani.

The story line of the movie love story is about Revanth, who is a lower caste Christian boy. As Revanth settles downs in Hyderabad and eventually successfully runs, a Zumba centre and upper caste girl Comes Around looking for a job in the city of Hyderabad. The movie love story deals with social boundaries in a commercial movie format. The director has carefully created a balanced movie that presents both entertaining and inspiring thoughts. The movie begins as a light hearted movie, but eventually, as the plot progresses of Love Story, the movie tends to get heavier and deals with much more serious issues.

  • The plot of nenumekubagakavalsinavadine

The movie nenumekubagakavalsinavadine has been directed by Sridhar Gadhe. This family drama movie features KiranAbbavaram, SanjanaAnand and Sonu Thakur.

The storyline of the movie nenumekubagakavalsinavadine is about Teju, who is an alcoholic. Teju regularly utilizes tab service in order to get back to her home. Vivek and the individual who drives the cab eventually help them around and further progress to ask her about her past. On the way back to her home Teju finally Naresh her breakup story to Vivek. And as the plot progresses, Vivek eventually ends up narrating a love story to Teju. Finally, they realize both love stories have a connection. Watch this amazing family drama to unravel the connection between Teju and Vivek’s love story.

  • The plot of chor bazaar

The movie Chor Bazaar was directed by Jeevan Reddy. This particular action drama features Tollywood personalities such as AkashPuri, Gehna Sippy, Subbarjau, Sunil, Sampoorneshbabu, and others.

The story line of the movie Chor Bazaar begins as a Nizam diamond worth 200 Crores goes missing from The Royal Mummies Museum of Hyderabad. As the police start investigating this particular case. Bachchan Sahab, who is a thief looking to create the Guinness World Record by removing car Tires in 30 minutes, comes into the picture. Watch the movie to uncover what happens next and who has stolen the Nizam diamond. You can watch this movie along with your family for the best Sunday plans exclusively on the popular and trending ott platform Aha.

Watch the Best Tamil Movie

Are you on the hunt for a platform that streams new telugu movies? Then you are in luck. The popular and trending platform Aha Telugu movies on its streaming platform. Make your summer vacation extra special by watching the best family movies along with your family. Jump Street to the streaming platform to make sure that you do not miss out on all the trending movies being streamed on the platform. 

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